A few suggestions…

  Applications Suggested Papers
Art and Craft Projects Posterprint, Posterprint-2-sided, Lacquerprint
Boxes, bags and packages Coverprint, Coruprint, Decoprint, Lustreprint
Brochures, flyers, promotional literature Glowprint, Superprint, Lustreprint
Giftwraps Decoprint, Posterprint, Posterprint-2-sided, Lacquerprint, Glowprint, Lustreprint
Greeting / Wedding cards & envelopes Superprint, Coverprint, Lustreprint
Labels and self adhesive labels Glowprint,Stikoprint, Lustreprint
Menus Coverprint, Lustreprint
Party decorations Posterprint, Posterprint-2-sided
Window displays Posterprint, Posterprint-2-sided
Posters, signage, banners Glowprint, Superprint, Lacquerprint, Coruprint
Business stationery Superprint
Origami PPT Bi-colour